Montana Buffalo Sunset Pin by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 78553
  • Montana Inspired Design
  • Designed in Montana
  • Great Collectors Item

Yellowstone National Park is known for its bison. In fact, the park is the only place in the lower 48 states that bison have continuously inhabited since prehistoric times! These massive mammals have developed into iconic animals, and people travel to Yellowstone National Park from all over the world to see them! If you love bison as much as we do, you need to pick up the Montana Buffalo Sunset Pin by The Hamilton Group. This unique pin, designed right here in the Big Sky State, is exactly what you need to finish off your pin collection. Throw this attractive accessory on your vests or backpacks for an instant touch of Montana! 

Based in Montana, the Hamilton Group has been producing souvenirs of top quality for more than 50 years! This company is well-known for its awesome nature and wildlife-inspired designs. We adore the selection of products offered by The Hamilton Group, and we know that you will as well!

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