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Montana Curiosities by Ednor Therriault


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  • Published by Globe Pequot Press
  • 288 pages of fun Montana trivia
  • Learn things like the largest snowflake ever recorded was 15 inches across

Montana Curiosities by Ednor Therriault shares some of the most unique and sometimes wacky people, places, and fun facts that Montana has to offer. A great companion for any road trip through Montana or a quirky book to make your friends laugh out loud when you share all that you've read. The book is organized by different sections of the state so you can look up any particular spot that you visited or may want to visit. Make sure to check out the section about Bozeman to discover all of its oddities.

The author, Ednor Therriault, is a Montanan with a family history that goes all the way back to the 1800s where his great-great grandparents owned a homestead on Douglas Creek. Currently he lives in Missoula where he writes a humor column under the name Bob Wire.

Take a tour of this wild state with Montana Curiosities and impress your friends with all of your Montana knowledge.