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Montana Melt-Away Mint Drops by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 37213

Due to extreme summer temperatures between June 1st and Sept. 15, please choose expedited shipping when purchasing chocolate or candy to prevent melting! Thank you!

Montana Melt-Away Mint Drops deliver a full-flavor, mint sensation with each and every drop. These Montana hand-crafted, nugget sized heavenly snack foods are the creation of Montana's own Huckleberry Haven company that is so well known for gourmet Montana food, jams and candy. The Montana Melt-Away Mint Drops are delivered to you in a colorful 12oz. bag that would be a treasured accent to any gourmet candy gift basket or a tasteful treat or a souvenir from Montana. Bring a bag of Montana-made Melt-Away Mint Drops home today and experience the minty sensation anytime.