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Montana River Sign by Meissenburg Designs (2 styles)


SKU: 68187


  • 11" x 16"
  • Matchbook Sign
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      If you are a Montanan then you probably enjoy a few common interests. I bet you have at least one hunting rifle or some one you know does, I bet you are passionate about the outdoors and are in love with Montana's many mountain ranges. One of those common interests is probably fishing! Celebrate your love for Montana and for fishing with the Montana River Sign by Meissenburg Designs! The amazing Montana River Sign by Meissenburg Designs are made from recycled wood and compressed into a beautiful and wonderful sign! The Montana River Sign by Meissenburg Designs comes with three different rivers on them, so you can choose the river that means the most to you! Bring a little piece of Montana with you wherever you go with the Montana River Sign by Meissenburg Designs! 

     Meissenburg Designs was founded with the goal to be the innovators of vintage signs. Meissenburg Designs is one hundred percent made in the United States of America. All of their signs are made from wood and metal and manufactured to have classic appeal. Meissenburg Designs is proudly based out of Montana.