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Montana-Shaped Multicolored Patch


SKU: 34892

House Accessories Category: From our Montana Store, show the joy, delight, and excitement you experienced on your trip to Montana with our Montana-Shaped Multicolored Patch. Of all our Souvenirs, this one is the best and brightest. This patch comes from The Hamilton Group, a company established in Whitefish, Montana in 1959 serving as the souvenir source for the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Embodying all that it means to be The Treasure State, this gem is topped with Montana in bold black letters. The outer edges of the shape of the state are filled with blue skies, majestic mountains, and green fields sprinkled with bright flowers. In the center, you will see a deep blue river shined upon by a spectacular sunrise. Place it on that beloved pair of jeans, that favorite traveling back pack, or your best jacket and show the world on of the great Souvenirs you purchased from our Montana Store.