Moose Animal in the Wild Brushed Brass Earrings by Semaki & Bird


SKU: 71398


  • Made in USA
  • Polished Brass
  • 1" inch in length

Moose are the largest in the deer family. If you have seen a moose, you know this to be true. Moose are huge! Seeing one in the wild can feel out of this world, just like when you see these earrings. The beautiful brass cut out shape of the moose plays well with the orange semi-precious stone that sits on top. We love how light-weight the earrings are, how they dangle at the perfect length, and how they shine when the light hits them just right.

Semaki & Bird is a company committed to making their products earth-friendly. Their packaging is made out of recycled material and they use soybean ink to print their designs. They believe education is power and so with each animal product, they include information that is sure to expand you know-how when it comes to animals. Overall, Semaki & Bird is an honorable company to support and buy from.