Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press


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  • Approx. 5.5” x 5.5”
  • Photography by Henry H. Holdsworth
  • Hardcover

     Learn all about the world's largest deer in Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press. That's right, moose are a part of the deer family, and you can help your little one learn all about the moose in Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press! Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press features breathtaking photography that makes the reading experience even better. Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press is perfect for the kiddos who are just starting to learn to read. Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press features large images and even bolder letters. With Moose Babies! by Farcounty Press you can give the gift of reading, a love for Montana, and a love for wildlife!

     "A photographer with a degree in biology and a background in animal behavior and environmental education, Henry H. Holdsworth has been photographing wildlife and wilderness landscapes since 1982. His images appear regularly in publications. Henry now divides his time between running his Wild by Nature Gallery and photographing remote and wild areas. Henry Holdsworth and his family make their home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."