Moose Browning Pocket Clip Back Knife by Buffalo Knives


SKU: 70439


  • Made in USA
  • 3" inch long blade and 4.25" inch handle
  • Sterling Silver inlaid in handle

 This Moose Browning Pocket Clip Knife is the perfect knife to have on hand. The back of the knife has a clip that makes this knife easy to tote around in a pocket. With it's steel blade and the wood handle with sterling silver inlay design, this knife is beautiful in more ways than one. The best part is the moose design featured on the handle. The details in this knife are so fun and the material is high-quality, making this knife the perfect choice.

When you buy from Buffalo Knives, you are sure to receive a high quality knife made right here in the USA. We love the beautiful wooden handle that includes an inlaid sterling silver moose. If you want a beautiful yet useful knife, this is the knife for you.