Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe by Lazy One


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 72132


  • Two Sizes! S/M and L/XL

      Feel like rustic royalty when you wear the wonderful Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe by Lazy One! The Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe by Lazy One is an incredibly soft bathrobe that will make any treat-yourself-day better. The Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe features a delightful pattern that was inspired by the classic southwestern motif. Stripes ranging from dark brown to white to red decorate the Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe and features tiny details that help bring the Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe to life! The Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe also has an extra soft red collar, accents at the end of the sleeves and on the two pockets! Yes! The Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe has two pockets for all your pocket-storage needs. The Moose Fair Isle Bathrobe is the perfect thing for anyone who is tired of chilly mornings or is simply looking to give themselves a little self-love after a relaxing bath!