Moose Grub Biscuit Mix by Huckleberry People


SKU: 37188


  • Made in Montana
  • Just add your favorite beer
  • Easy and tasty breakfast option

Moose Grub Biscuit Mix is a buttermilk biscuit dry mix that you add one beer to and the dough will rise. Different beers will add their own unique flavors so you can customize your biscuits to your preferences. Top these mouth-watering biscuits with your favorite jam or honey or serve with a taste tempting gravy for a satisfying meal.

The mix is made by a company from Missoula, Montana. It's not surprising that Montana would come up with another way to cook with beer since it has one of the highest craft breweries per capita in the country.

Moose Grub Biscuit Mix is a great breakfast option for any occasion!