Moose in Fall Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81286


  • Slim Can Coolers - Perfect for Seltzers
  • Made of Neoprene and foam
  • Full Color Design

There is nothing worse than having cold hands because of your cold, refreshing drink. Instead, cover the can with one of these slim can coolers and keep your hands warm. Moose in Fall Can Cooler by Alaska Wild and Free is a bright and vibrant way to distinguish your can from other cans. It showcases the art of Kristi Trimmer, known for her bold and intricate art style, this slim can coozie features a vibrant moose, a wild forest, and a red-orange sunset. 

Kristi Trimmer is a writer and artist living in Anchorage, Alaska. Throughout her life, Trimmer has let few things limit her. She's traveled, taken thousands of photographs of wild animals and landscapes, and she used them to inspire her designs like this slim can koozie. As we all know, Alaska is known for its beauty and vast, stunning landscapes, much of what Montana is also known for. That's why her design work is stunning and beautiful to behold and stands out because of her use of color and detail.