Moose Snow Globe Bozeman Ornament by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 54606

When you travel, it's always important to bring home gifts for friends who couldn't go with you or just for yourself so you never forget your journey. When you travel, to Montana, you want to bring home the best souvenirs like this cute Moose Snow Globe Bozeman Ornament by Demdaco. Of course you'll have your memories, your photos, and your experiences in the natural beauty of Montana, but a moose snow globe would be the icing on the cake! Small in size, it easily hangs on your Christmas tree and then packs away when the season is over. If you don't want to ever put it away, set it on your mantle or window sill for a year-round reminder of how awesome Bozeman was! Perhaps there wasn't room in your luggage or you simply forgot about buying Montana souvenirs, but now's your chance to get the Moose Snow Globe Bozeman Ornament! He's too cute to resist!