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Moose Sticker by Atomic Child


SKU: 78716


  • Size 3.4" x 4.18"
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • Outdoor inspired

The Moose is a very impressive animal! Ranging from 400-1500 pounds this animal is one that makes predators think twice about. It's fitting to see a sticker made of this majestic animal. Moose antlers will also go through a life cycle with the moose. As the moose grows their antlers will grow with them, by the time they reach 5 years old they are considered adults and their antlers will have been fully developed by then. Every season they will shed their antlers and they grow back stronger than before. When people think of the outdoors they will often think of moose, so for those who are enthusiastic of outdoor life, this moose sticker is the perfect symbol of your love for fresh air.

Atomic Child has a very good reputation for creating art that speaks to the outdoors. They have worked hard to create an inspiring image for the outdoors and they will continuously impress people with their designs and art. We at the Montana Gift Corral want to share great artistic talent with everyone we can, and Atomic Child is one of those talented artists we love to work with!