Mountain Mama Bear Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81843


  • Designed in Alaska
  • Measures 12" long
  • Art by Kristi Trimmer

A mother's love is a beautiful thing. The beauty of it can be seen throughout the world not just in humans but in animals as well! The Mountain Mama Bear Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free is the perfect vinyl decal for any mama bear, new or experienced! These beautiful stickers show the inner feelings of a mother's love and look great anywhere you decide to show them off!

The USA- based company, Alaska Wild and Free offers a stunning variety of products like stickers, coloring books, can coozies, and more. Based  out of Anchorage, Alaska and designed by the talented artist Kristi Trimmer, Alaska Wild and Free adds a colorful twist to recreating western landscapes and wildlife. Interested in seeing what other Alaska Wild and Free products we carry so you can get the best one for you? Check out our full collection of Alaska Wild and Free!