Mountain Moose Pin by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81852


  • Measures approx. 1 1/4"
  • Made in Alaska
  • Wildlife-Inspired Design

Montana is known as a heavily visited area for nature and wildlife lovers, and it is surely for good reason! Did you know that as of 2017, there were about 5,000 moose living in the state of Montana? These massive mammals are beautiful and majestic, however, make sure to keep your distance. They are known for being aggressive! Just because you can't touch one in the wild doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to get your moose fix in. Pick up our Mountain Moose Pin by Alaska Wild and Free this vibrantly designed moose min is sure to perfect adorn your jackets, backpacks, vests, or hats! 

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Kristi Trimmer is a talented artist known for her mix of wonderfully designed products ranging from pins to coloring books, or even can coolers! Working as a nomadic travel writer for many years of her life, Kristi draws inspiration from thousands of photos she's taken on her many journeys around the nation. 

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