Mountain Pine Candle by Boondocks Candle Co (3 sizes)


SKU: 84105


  • Made in Montana
  • 100% high-quality soy wax
  • The label features an original painting

Mountain air is some of the freshest, cleanest air out there. We would like to thank the trees for that! Not only do they keep our Big Sky clean, they add an invigorating scent to the air that is like no other smell. Get a sniff of our Montana, mountain air anywhere with the Mountain Pine Candle by Boondocks Candle Co! This Montana candle smells just like the forest, full of pine and crisp, rejuvenated air. With its clean burn from the soy, you will only get the most refreshing aspects of this candle in the air, and with its apothecary, amber container, this candle also acts as a rustic touch to your decor. Featuring label art exclusive to this candle, you'll look at this candle with admiration and joy!

Boondocks Candle Co is all about Montana products. Made right here in the picturesque town of Ennis, Montana, this local candle company really knows how to turn the many wonders of our Big Sky State into scents. Each candle is hand-poured using 100% high-quality soy wax, so you can enjoy hours of burn without disturbing your air quality. Relax and enjoy the local scents of Boondocks Candle Co!