Mountain Shield Enamel Pin by Atomic Child


SKU: 78734


  • 1.4” High
  • Black Rubber Pin Clutches
  • Wildlife Inspired

From the tallest peaks to the great forests, you are guaranteed to find your happy place in Montana! The Mountain Shield Enamel Pin by Atomic Child is a fun graphic pin that adds a bright pop of color to any hat, jacket, or backpack! This pin is made with sturdy enamel to ensure that it lasts you through all of your adventures! Atomic Child is made by outdoor lovers for outdoor lovers!

Atomic Child was started by Jimmy Bryant, whose heart and soul belongs to the outdoors. So it's only natural that they would make a pin out of some of the greatest features mother nature has to offer. Montanans love the outdoors, so giving people a great pin just seemed fitting! We at the Montana Gift Corral love to carry their products because we Montanans have a deep love for the outdoors and it was only natural for us to work with people who have similar values!

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