Mountain Shield Keychain Atomic Child


SKU: 78745


  • PVC Keychain
  • 2.3" x 3”
  • Souvenir from Montana

There is nothing quite as stunning as the landscapes of Montana. From vast mountain ranges to highly-forested areas, and of course, one-of-a-kind sunsets, the Big Sky state is truly a sight to behold. While traveling through, make sure to pick up some fun souvenirs from Montana! One of our current favorites is the Mountain Shield Keychain Atomic Child. Measuring 2.3" x 3”, these perfectly sized keychains are perfect for showing off your love for traveling. With a colorful mountain-inspired design, these keychains are truly meant for any outdoor enthusiast or recreator!

Jimmy Bryant, the owner of Atomic Child, has been drawing since he was young. With a passion for creating beautiful designs, Jimmy created Atomic Child to provide the market with colorful outdoor-inspired products that bring joy to tourists throughout the nation. In fact, his products are now carried in many outdoor stores including REI! Atomic Child is kind of a big deal, and we are oh so excited to now carry his designs in our shops.

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