Mule Deer Browning Pocket Clip Back Knife by Buffalo Knives


SKU: 70440


  • Blade length 3"
  • Full length 7"
  • Made in USA

A sharp knife is one of the most important tool to have when hunting. It's never fun when you feel like you are cutting something with a dull spoon. The build quality and material used on this clip back knife is superior to most knives. The sterling silver inlay is hand cut and laid into the wood handle from artists in Montana. The attention to detail to this knife is phenomenal and the blade will stay sharp when you need it most.

The great people at Buffalo Knives have been providing great mens products and gifts since 2005. Crafting hand made knives for years with strong steel and talented artists, their attention to quality and detail is paramount to their brand and they will do what they can to keep their clients happy with their products. Thats why we at the Montana Gift Corral work with them, because they care about their craft and they care about their customers.