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Ne'Qwa Petite Trio Hanging Stand


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 47315

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Holiday Decorations Category: Collectors of fine Christmas Tree Ornaments know that the ultimate Christmas Decorations are Ne'Qwa Ornaments. To really help them stand out, you need a Ne'Qwa Ornament Stand as well. These stunning glass gems come from the Ne'Qwa Art company located in Lewisville, Texas. They are crafted from mouth blown glass and a brush as fine as a single hair is used to accomplish the intricate designs. They contract with several well known artists whose talents allow for a wide collection of ornaments to suite the tastes of any buyer. This stand is 17½” tall and includes hangers which measure 9”, 12” and 15” in hanging height for your three favorite Ne'Qwa ornaments. Ne'Qwa Christmas Decorations are crafted for those who truly appreciate the beauty of the season. Bring that sense of wonder to your collection of Christmas Tree Ornaments and place them on their own distinctive Ornament Stand.