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Octarine Sand Art by Klaus Bosch


SKU: 65523


  • Dimensions: 13 4/5" by 15 3/5" by 4 2/3"
  • Adjustable air levels kit included

It is always nice to take a moment to sit back and relax. If you have ever seen the lovely sand art by Klaus Bosch then you know how much the piece can relax you. Watching the sand fall from the Octarine Sand Art by Klaus Bosch and create an amazing piece of art. When all the sand has fallen down just flip the window over and watch another art piece be created.

Klaus Bosch designs all of the sand art, so he is able to get the perfect amount of different colors in the sand art. The Octarine Sand Art by Klaus Bosch will be a great piece to have around the house to help you relax.

Don't forget to adjust the air levels in the piece every now and then.