Old West Tumbled Gemstones by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 78575
  • Tumbled Gemstones
  • Perfect collector's item
  • Company based in Montana

While in Montana, you need to stop at the Montana Gift Corral and get yourself a Montana-inspired souvenir! We are particularly obsessed with the Old West Tumbled Gemstones by The Hamilton Group. These stunning gemstones resemble a variety of stones that are found right here in the great state of Montana, and are the perfect keepsake or gift for any nature lover! Don't wait another minute, pick up these beautiful tumbled gemstones to take a piece of Montana with you wherever you roam!

The Hamilton Group, a company based in Montana, has been producing souvenirs of unmatched quality for more than 60 years! This unique brand is known for its wide variety of wildlife and nature-inspired souvenirs that perfectly represent locations across the Rocky Mountain region. We are obsessed with their awesome line of Montana souvenirs, and we know that you will be as well!

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