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Parvaneh Hummingbirds and Flowers Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 76655

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  • Hand Painted
  • Gift Box Included 
  • Beautiful Holiday Decor

All Inner Beauty Ornaments are a thing of beauty! The skill and artistic talent that goes into creating each one is spectacular. The Parvaneh Hummingbirds and Flowers Ornament by Inner Beauty is a wonderful warm contrast to what may be going on outside your window. The warm vibrant colors are sure to take the chill off of you this holiday season! If you are looking for a different stunning ornament with more of a holiday feel, we recommend the Parvaneh Reindeer & Snowflakes Ornament by Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty, the company behind these beautiful ornaments, is known for its unique ornament crafting process. Each and every ornament is hand-blown to give you a completely unique shape. Next, the design is hand-painted on the inside of the ornament. The process of applying paint from the inside out allows Inner Beauty to showcase the intricate detail of each individual piece and amazing skillset of each artist. Pick up the Parvaneh Hummingbirds and Flowers Ornament by Inner Beauty, we guarantee that this beautiful element will be the star of your Christmas tree!