Peace Sign #2 Sticker by Atomic Child


SKU: 78723


  • Made in Colorado
  • Measures approx. 3 1/2" by 5"
  • Die cut vinyl

Peace, man. Time to spread peace and love with a Peace Sign #2 Sticker by Atomic Child. Made to withstand the elements, this sticker is all weather and die cut. The process of die-cutting actually has origins in shoemaking. Using a cookie-cutter-like process to cut shapes from vinyl, this ensures that every single sticker is finished with precise accuracy. Stick this bad boy anywhere you feel like expressing yourself: on your water bottle, on the bumper of your car, or on the lid of your laptop. Anywhere you choose is going to look that much better with this nature-inspired sticker.

The neat thing about Atomic Child is that it's a completely artist-run brand based in Colorado. Graphic designer Jimmy Bryant has always had a passion for creating and a deep love of the outdoors. He decided to combine those two enjoyments into this unique and funky company. All of his designs are nature-inspired, as you can see in this Peace Sticker. With a beautiful sunset, craggy peaks, and a beautiful rolling river, you can just picture this stunning scene somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. So if you love the wild outdoors and beautiful art, you're going to love this Peace Sign #2 Sticker by Atomic Child to showcase that!