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Periwinkle Ted E. Moose Toddler Montana T-Shirt


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 45598

Western Clothing is great, but our Western Kids Clothing and Montana Tee Shirts truly are the best! This Perwinkle “Ted E. Moose” Youth Montana Tee Shirt comes from a company located in Littleton, Colorado known as Lakeshirts which was founded in 1984.

The most unique feature of these tee shirts is that they are pre-dyed at a 6.1 ounce weight and injected with a special enzyme to give them a soft hand feel. This distinguished fellow would like to reserve a play date with your little wild thing. Together, they will explore the wild outdoors of your back yard as if it were the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.

Whenever Ted E. Moose is near, fun is had by all! Sometimes, it's hard to find quality Western Kids Clothing, but you should be proud to add any of our Montana Tee Shirts to your child's Western Clothing selection.