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Plush & Carrier Set by Nat & Jules


SKU: 64173
  • Plush: 7" tall, Carrier: 6.5" tall
  • Materials: plush, surface washable 
  • Distributed in America

Is your daughter or niece tired of getting the same old doll every Christmas? Are you looking for something to bring the excitement back into there holiday? Then the Plush & Carrier Set by Demdaco is what you've been looking for! This exciting new stuffed animal comes with its very own carrier bag, so your little one can take there new favorite toy to all manner of places.

At 7'' Tall, this is the perfect companion for any adventure. Also being made with washable materials means that this little dog is always one wash away from being clean as new and ready to be back in your loved ones arms. a comb is also included so your little one can preoccupy themselves brushing her hair, just like a real dog!

So if your looking for a fun way to throw something exiting into the mix this holiday season, and give a gift that will offer good times and entertainment for years to come, the Plush & Carrier Set by Demdaco is a great choice for you.