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Poppy Gift Bag by Big Sky Carvers


SKU: 68410

8'' x 10.25''

Recycled cotton material

Distributed in America 

Imagine that you just bought her the gift shes wanted all year. You saved your money, you waited patiently, and now you have the gift of the century for that special lady! But wait, what are you going to wrap it in? You could use that bland old wrapping paper from last year, or you could skip the wrapping all together this year with the Poppy Gift Bag by Big Sky Carvers.

This delicate little bag is a glossy white, with two bright red poppy flowers that really jump off the white. The green stems are faint and add a depth to the image, With a peach colored handle, and a Poppy flower paper gift tag included, this bag will hold any jewelry or small gifts for your loved ones with style.

Whatever the gift you've purchased is, it will undoubtedly look good coming out of the Poppy Gift Bag by Big Sky Carvers.