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Raspberry Vanilla Jam by Roots Cannery and Kitchen


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  • made in Bozeman, Montana
  • features locally grown raspberries
  • 9.5 oz jar

Weekend breakfasts are about sweet treats. Image sipping your morning coffee in the cool mountain air and biting into an English muffin spread with just a bit of butter and a whole heaping helping of Rasberry Vanilla Jam from Roots Cannery and Kitchen. Raspberries just burst with summertime flavor. The minute they hit your tongue, your mouth begins to water. Combined with the coolness of real vanilla, there's nothing better out there!

Roots Cannery and Kitchen had humble beginnings. It all started with a booth at a farmer's market in Jackson Hole. Soon, the customers at the market were hounding Roots for their goodies, and they knew they needed to expand. Today, their canning facility is located in Bozeman, Montana where they make a mix of preserves, canned goods, and delicious local specialties. You can't go wrong with Raspberry Vanilla Jam by Roots Cannery and Kitchen!