Red Bison Pin by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81851


  • Acrylic pin
  • Pin on anything
  • Montana Inspired

For the Bison lovers in the world this pin is the perfect accessory to any outfit, backpack or hat. Having a buffalo pin is the best and safest way to get close to these massively impressive animals. Bison in real life can weigh anywhere from 900- 2,200 pounds, their life span in between 12 to 20 years and their eye sight is very poor. So approaching a real life bison is probably the last thing anyone wants to do. But that doesn't mean you can't have one close by. Theses pins make it much safer and easier to transport, plus they make the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Alaska Wild and Free is a company based out of Alaska, they have been making all sorts of souvenirs and gifts that are inspired by the wildest places of the world and Montana happens to be one of those places. We at the Montana Gift Corral love working with Alaska Wild and Free because we know how wild our great state is so it's only fitting we carry products that tell that same story!