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Rest for Antler Carving Set by High Country Arts


SKU: 34014


  • Made for High Country Arts Antler Carving Set
  • Handmade in Oregon
  • Naturally Shed Antlers

We love our High Country Arts products. This Rest for the Antler Carving Set is a piece that will take your Antler Carving Set to the next level. It is made specifically for the two-piece antler carving set and the 7" inch steel knife sharpener. The rest is handcrafted from shed antler, collected in the wild and used to make a rustic and pleasing addition to your carving set. 

High Country Arts is an Oregon based company, founded in 1978. They focus on high-quality material and high-valued craftsmanship. Their antlers are natural shed and they use mostly handcrafted methods and to make their products. If you want beautiful antler pieces to add a rustic, outdoorsy feel to your home, High Country Arts is the perfect choice for you.