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Retro Daydream Sherpa Throw Blanket


Brand: Carstens
SKU: 73219


  • By Carstens
  • Approx. 54" x 68"

     Bright, fun, and vibrant the Retro Daydream Sherpa Throw Blanket is a delightful way to add a splash of color and life to your home! The Retro Daydream Sherpa Throw Blanket features splotches in a vibrant red, shades of blue and shades of grey to create a unique pattern. Mixed throughout the colorful splotches are beautiful flower prints in warm yellows and contrasting pale blues. Use the Retro Daydream Sherpa Throw Blanket to help decorate your home, draping it over a chair or couch will add a fun splash of color to the room while also providing a soft blanket you can use when you get chilly! Bring the Retro Daydream Sherpa Throw Blanket to a park and use it for sprawling out under the warm sunshine or take it with you to a bonfire to help keep the cool night air off of you!