Royal Blue Knife Cover by Myra Bag


Brand: Myra Bag
SKU: 80737


  • Size 4"x2"
  • Leather
  • Belt loop

An open blade knife needs some kind of covering to protect both you and the blade. But plain old leather sheaths are boring, so throwing in some royal blue accents and designs are the best way to make a statement for your blade. Leather is some of the more durable and stylish materials to make blade sheaths out of, and will last for generations!

Myra Bag is dedicated to providing high quality products with nature loving people in mind. They make anything from knife sheaths to bags and more all inspired from nature and sourced from recycled materials. We at the Montana Gift Corral love to provide you with some of the best quality products, and Myra Bag is one of those brands that provides quality!