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Santa & Candy Cane Musical Lighted Water Lantern by RAZ Imports


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  • 11" tall
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries
  • Plays multiple Christmas songs

If you're looking to truly bring the Christmas spirit into your home, start with this Santa & Candy Cande Musical Lighted Water Lantern by RAZ Imports. This piece of unique Christmas decor is everything about Christmas. For starters this lantern gives off a feeling of walking down an old Victorian street, seeing the lights aglow. Inside the scene couldn't be cozier. Santa stands in his jolly outfit complete with a lovely Christmas scene. A giant candy cane, some presents, and a white Christmas tree make this such a happy little lantern!

But, there's more to this Christmas decoration than just the look. The inside is filled with water and glitter that is continuously swirling! If the glitter gets stuck, it's recommended that you don't shake this piece. Instead, gently tip it upside down until the glitter dislodges. In addition, this lantern plays music! You'll hear classic Christmas favorites like "Jingle Bells", "Deck the Halls", and "Oh, Christmas Tree" plus six other songs! There is the option for the glitter to swirl without music as well. So, bring all of that feeling of Christmas wonderment to your home with the Santa & Candy Cane Musical Lighted Water Lantern by RAZ Imports.