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Santa with Lantern Lighted Print by RAZ Imports


SKU: 58501

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  • 20" wide
  • 20" tall

When Christmas nights get dark and long, it's nice to have Santa there to light the way! The Santa with Lantern Lighted Print is a gorgeous piece of Christmas art. Created by Liz Goodrick-Dillon, this Santa painting features the dark of night. Illuminated only by a soft lantern, we see the beauty of Santa Claus as he sets out on his journey to make millions of children happy all across the world. The best thing about this Christmas painting is that it lights up! Just press the button in the bottom right-hand corner and the lights will start twinkling all over the dark night of the portrait. Just imagine snuggling up by the fireplace with your family as the lights from this Santa art and your Christmas tree give off the soft glow of the season. This picture of Santa does require 3 AA batteries and comes with it's first set. Order your Santa with Lantern Lighted Print today!

Note: Music in the video below is not included.