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Sarah Summers "Christmas Kitten" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67186

This product is on order

  • 3" tall, petite princess shape
  • Adjustable tassel cord
  • Mouth-blown glass ornament
  • Hand-painted design

What child hasn't wished for a Christmas kitten or puppy to be waiting under their tree? This little white furred, blue eyes cutie is all ready for the holiday festivities with her little hat and red ribbon ~ now who could resist that face? This wonderfully detailed ornament is hand painted by the talented Sarah Summers, and will certainly claim a special spot on the tree year after year!

Ne'Qwa (pronounced nay-kwa) is the Mandarin term for the centuries old tradition of hand-painting on the inside of mouth-blown glass. From outlining to shading and coloring , all the work that goes into these beautiful ornaments if painstakingly hand-done by skilled and experienced artists. Each of these works of ornament art come with a certificate of authenticity and are packages into a special satin-lined and hinged gift box.