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Sarah Summers "Merry and Bright Santa" Ne'Qwa Ornament


Brand: Ne'Qwa
SKU: 67188

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3'' High, Petite Princess Shape

Mouth Blown Glass

Distributed in America

What makes Santa Claus Happiest on Christmas eve? Is it all of the milk and cookies he gets to munch on along the way, or flying around with a bunch of magic reindeer, or simply coming home to Mrs. Claus who has a hot pot of coffee boiling? Its none of those things. Santa is happiest when he is dropping off all of his presents to all of the good girls and boys! Now you can have the Sarah Summers "Merry and Bright Santa" Ne'Qwa Ornament, and capture Santa when he is at his best, filling a young child's stocking.

Ne'Qwa Art company is located in Lewisville, Texas. These Glass Ornaments are crafted from mouth blown glass and a brush as fine as a single hair is used to accomplish the intricate designs. In addition, each piece comes with its own luxurious presentation case to help you preserve their beauty for years to come. So pick up the Sarah Summers "Merry and Bright Santa" Ne'Qwa Ornament, and remember that Santa is always watching!