Sasquatch Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free


SKU: 81841


  • This sticker measures 12" inches long
  • Designed in Alaska
  • Art of Kristi Trimmer

Whoever says Sasquatch isn't real needs to have more fun because believing in Sasquatch has never been more entertaining. We like to take our mythical creatures to the next level and with the Sasquatch Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free, you can too. Featuring the psychedelic designs of Kristi Trimmer, this Sasquatch sticker is not only cool, it's beautiful and colorful. So what are you waiting for? Get into having more mythical fun and get yourself a Bigfoot sticker.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Kristi Trimmer is the beautiful brain behind Alaska Wild and Free! This woman-owned company is incredibly passionate about offering stunning and simple wildlife-designed products that range all the way from stickers to coloring books to can coozies. Kristi bases her unique designs from an array of wildlife photographs she has taken while living a nomadic lifestyle for over 4 years. From these photos, Kristi has been able to create beautiful products to inspire the lives of other outdoor enthusiasts!