Scratched Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co. (3 sizes)


SKU: 78179


  • Each journal has approx. 100 pages
  • Made  in Georgia
  • Available in 3 sizes

Time to jumpstart your prolific writing career with this Scratched Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co! You have important things to say; we're sure of it! With the way our lives go, though, it can be hard to remember all those valuable nuggets of wisdom. The tried and true advice we can give you: write it down! We don't want you writing on any old piece of scratch paper though. Your important words deserve an important journal. Each time you open this beautiful journal, you can fill these deckled edge pages with all the meanderings of your mind. You'll have it filled with valuable thoughts in no time!

Carry this distinguished journal wherever you want to! The scratched and worn leather makes this journal feel like you discovered it in an old roll-top desk in Ernest Hemingway's office. The unique criss-cross leather bands along the spine also add to that historical look and feel. As part of the Sugarboo and Co. collection, you're getting something a little whimsical while also being functional. Considering themselves "Dealers in Whimsy",  their goal is to create items that remind us of the ones we love, who we feel the strongest about. They have a list of mantras for their products that include believing in kind words, believing in paintings, poetry, and good music, and believing in things that have a soul. If it's soul you're after, then you'll love this Scratched Leather Journal by Sugarboo and Co.