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Sharon Nowlan Four of Us Frame by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76466


  • Size: 16"w x 13"h
  • Materials: wood, paper, glass, PVC
  • Frame Holds Photo: 6" H X 4" W

Sharon Nowlan is an artist who seeks to capture beautiful moments in life using the simple things you can find every day. The Four of Us Frame by Sharon Nowlan is a beautiful piece crafted using stones and pebbles showing a small family enjoying a relaxing day on a rocky shore. Whether it's for your family members, children, or closest friends, the Four of Us Frame by Sharon Nowlan is the perfect addition to any home.

Sharon Nowlan grew up drawing, painting and creating inspired by the natural beauty of her home in the seaside village of Pictou, Nova Scotia. As a mother, the seascape and landscape came into tighter focus. Her son was three when he gathered a handful of pebbles at the beach, ending up in her first mixed media art piece. She's since dedicated herself to the craft, working in this medium for nearly two decades. In her home studio hidden away behind fruit trees, Sharon says she enjoys her "messy little spot." She describes it being "filled with trays of pebbles and glass and empty coffee cups." She adds, "with sunshine in the summer and the warmth of a cozy wood fire in the winter. "Influenced by her evolving style, Sharon's designs include other natural objects like shells, twigs, driftwood and bits of sea glass. About her jewelry line, she says, “My artwork has always been about simplicity, human emotion and relationships. I think my new jewelry line is a lovely reflection of those."