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Sharon Nowlan Friends Grow Together Shadow Box by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 82757


  • Wall Decoration
  • Wood Composite

Some of the best memories are shared with the friends closest to you. So when friends make those memories with you, it's nice to be able to remember that feeling by looking at a decoration that reminds you of them. Friends truly do grow together and having a reminder of that fact is something truly special, especially if you both have that same reminder. This Sharon Nowlan box art picture is the perfect decoration to get for yourself and for your friends. Shadow box wall art is some of the coolest art to decorate your home with and with something as personal as a friendship picture it sure is the best piece to have in your home!

Demdaco is one of the best companies for artists to showcase their work and build a community. They have been supporting artists for over 25 years and we love to show our support of artists at the Montana the Gift Corral as much as Demdaco does!