Sharon Nowlan Full of Heart Wall Art by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76462


  • Measures 8" tall and 10" wide
  • Materials: wood, paper, glass, stone, PVC
  • Features original Sharon Nowlan art

Little kids are so full of heart! They run into each day headfirst and experience everything with excitement and wonder. If that's your child, get the Sharon Nowlan Full of Heart Wall Art by Demdaco to commemorate their free spirit. This unique piece of wall art features a mother and father looking on fondly as their child frolics through the wildflowers. You can just about see him spinning in circles in the beautiful sunshine and cool summer breeze. Sharon Nowlan has such a particular way of capturing life and movement in her artwork.

In fact, that has been her goal as an artist since she first began creating. She's always had a knack for seeing seemly boring day-to-day objects and being able to turn them into something beautiful and functional. Based in Nova Scotia, it was always the sea and the beach that inspired her. In fact, sea glass is a popular feature in all of her work. Along with beach pebbles and driftwood, Nowlan sees each piece as an important selection in creating a work of art. Materials are never placed together willy nilly; everything she crafts has deep meaning. And you'll find that deep meaning in this beautiful Sharon Nowlan Full of Heart Wall Art by Demdaco.