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Shelle Lindholm Blaze Metal Box Art by Meissenburg Designs


  • 18x26
  • Aluminum box art
  • American Made
  • Please call 1-800-242-5055 or email shipping@giftcorral.com for accurate expedited shipping costs.

Painted in traditional southwestern colors, Shelle Lindholm Blaze Metal Box Art depicts a vibrantly colored grizzly bear. Perfect for a showpiece in any house, this piece of contemporary art will be sure to turn some heads at any party or event you host.

Shelle Lindholm is the recipient of numerous awards and teaching accreditations. She has described her work as primal contemporary, and it comes through in droves with this piece. Watching animals in their natural environments is admittedly what Shelle is doing when she's not working on her art, and that is how she feels she is able to capture the essence of the animals that she paints.

Shelle Lindholm Blaze Metal Box Art is a wonderful piece to add to any collection, and is also great for those looking for just the right piece for that special spot in their house.