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Silence and Solitude by Tom Murphy


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“Silence and Solitude” is a breathtaking journey through the winter wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. This fabulous selection of Yellowstone Books is offered through our Western Book collection. There are 130 photographs that depict the lives of the wildlife that endure the long winters of Yellowstone and inspire the reader with power of a landscape that is still wild and untouched. The photographs are accompanied Tom Murphy's, the photographer, thoughtful comments that take the reader along into the time and place of each beautiful image. “Silence and Solitude” treats the reader to captions regarding fox's hunt for mouse, to understanding why it is that bison stand stoically in a geothermal stream and marvel at the many portraits painted by light changes and ice forms in the Yellowstone. By Montana photographer Tom Murphy with 128 pages including full – color photographs in a 9.25” x 12.5” hardcover. ISBN:978-1931832007.