Silver Aspen Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company


SKU: 78877
  • Made with real Aspen leaves
  • Made in Colorado
  • Fine Silver

Did you know that the Aspen Tree is often associated with communication? These beautiful trees are known to symbolize the complex nature of relationships. If you are in need of a beautiful reminder of the importance of communication, you need to pick up the Silver Aspen Earrings by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company. This unique pair of earrings, crafted from real aspen leaves, will make for the perfect addition to your nature-inspired jewelry collection!

Located in Aspen, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Leaf company is known for creating beautiful jewelry pieces inspired by nature! Their stunning products are crafted using real leaves, cones, and acorns. These elements are hand-picked, dipped in a solution to remove their organic matter, and coated in precious metals! What an excellent way to preserve nature for a lifetime!

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