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Ski Bear Bottle Opener Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises


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  • Designed in Missoula, MT
  • Fun wildlife-inspired design
  • Great collector's item!

Isn't it great getting a cold one with your friends after a day on the mountain? You know what isn't great? Not being able to open your bottles! Well, struggle no more because the Ski Bear Bottle Opener Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises has got your back. Take this adorable little wildlife-inspired bottle opener/magnet combo on any trip or hang it on your fridge at home! It's easy to take comfort in the fact that it's always within reach! This three-dimensional design is both functional and adorable, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Looking to give this fun little guy a friend? Take a look at the Ski Moose Bottle Opener Magnet by Mother Moose Enterprises

Woodcarving can lead to making many things. Some people make furniture, some make sculptures, some just carve for fun! What started as a hobby for woodcarving soon turned into a flourishing company called Mother Moose Enterprises based right in Missoula, Montana! Mother Moose Enterprises is known for its great line of nature and wildlife-inspired souvenirs. If you've been traveling through Montana, make sure you pick up an adorable bottle opener on the way through!