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Indigo Earth Images Peaks Montana Cap by Lakeshirts


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 29981

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Do you know what's missing from your fine collection of Western Accessories? It's some great Montana Caps, that's what! This Slate “Earth Images Peaks” Montana Cap comes from a company out of Littleton, Colorado called Lakeshirts which was founded in 1984. Everybody knows two of the very best things about Montana are its beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks and seemingly endless green forests of majestic evergreen trees. No matter which direction you look, your breath is taken away every time you see the natural beauty that surrounds you. Use this cap to show others how much you love those Montana mountains and that you truly believe it is the last best place! So whether you have just visited Montana and are looking for a souvenir or you want a way to express some fun outdoor style within your Western Accessories collection, our Montana Caps are a cut above the rest!