Small Dirt Devil Gnome be Gone by Sugarpost

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Brand: Sugarpost
SKU: 80663


  • Size - 6" inches tall
  • Weight - 1 lb
  • Made from Recycled Materials

Tired of pesky gnomes ruining your garden? The Small Dirt Devil Gnome be Gone by Sugarpost can help! Crafted from recycled materials by the folks at Sugarpost, this devilish garden art will have your yard gnome-free in no time! Plus, it looks devilishly good! Sugarpost metal art is well-made and can be kept outside. They will rust over time but the rust makes them look even cooler. You can't lose!

Fred Conlon opened a pottery shop called Sugarpost Pottery in 1998. He had previously attended university to receive a degree in Public Communication. However, art had called to Fred. After a year of pottery, Fred made his first metal army helmet turtle and fell in love with the process. Now Sugarpost Metalworking is growing and has an adorable line of monsters meant to spruce up your office and garden space. Made from recycled material from around the world, Fred is excited to send his monsters home with you wherever you are.