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Small Moose Cribbage Board by K.S. Antler


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  • Made in Montana
  • Made of Antler
  • Wildlife Inspired

Doesn't it just warm your heart knowing something is completely unique to you? We feel the same way when it comes to our belongings! The Small Moose Cribbage Board by K.S. Antler is a stunning example of a Montana themed board! If you didn't know, antlers can be just as unique as fingerprints, no two are exactly the same. So not only is this antler a great piece of home decor, but you can also get a game of cribbage out of it too!

Located in the small town of Laurel, MT, K.S. Antler is a small mom and pop business that is committed to bringing sustainable and eco-friendly products using antlers. This great company wants to keep the Montana spirit alive by sourcing their antlers from Montana. The Montana Gift Corral loves to help keep that spirit alive, so supporting small Montana companies is our favorite thing to support.

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