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Small Movie Sand Picture by Klaus Bosch


SKU: 55969

  • 8.75" by 13" by .75"

Watching the Northern Lights is always an amazing sight! Now you can have that at home, but in a different way!! Just look at these sand pictures with the amazing background images to choose from. When all the sand is falling to the bottom it creates great mountains, valleys, and dunes! Then it is time to change the layout of everything! Just turn it over and watch the sand fall all over again! This is a perfect gift for someone who has everything or someone who needs a little more relaxation. All sand pictures are made out of the perfect balance of sand, air, and water with a wood frame. Every sand picture comes with a kit and instructions so you can take air out and put air back in. That way the sand picture will last forever. Klaus Bosch is the creator behind these amazing sand pictures that are from Austria. There are several different styles to pick from so pick the the best one for you!!