Smellin' Like a Rose Candle by Boondocks Candle Co. (3 sizes)


SKU: 84109


  • Soy Wax
  • Hand-Poured
  • Made in Ennis, Montana

Let the subtle smell of roses whisk you away to the warm summer nights on the patio, the air warm and comforting while you take in the beautiful sunset. The Smellin' Like a Rose Candle by Boondocks Candle Co. is the perfect candle if you're looking for a  gentle floral aroma. These soy candles come in a sturdy glass jar, perfect for upcycling but when your Boondocks candle runs out, and you'll definitely be back for another! Rose is a wonderful scent for an entryway, study, or bedroom because it doesn't overpower the space you're in. Mixed in with a subtle touch of bergamot and you'll have a candle that you'll want lit all the time! 

Boondocks Candle Co. is a local Montanan company from Ennis, Montana. All the candles at Boondocks Candle Co. are carefully hand-crafted. Created by husband and wife Chris and Robin, they work together to create every part of each candle they conceptualize. From the careful selection of scents to the pouring of the soy wax to the beautiful hand-painted jars. Boondocks Candle Co. is proud to bring you quality candles from the Big Sky Country. Bring home this Smelling Like a Rose Candle by Boondocks Candle Co today!